If you've seen my cows,
you'll have seen that they do fly, and rabbitos too! You might even have seen cows living in palaces, coyotes dropping by via balloon, or cats dancing.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, and licensed as an architect, I built my own home in the 60's as well as other architectural projects, but kept finding myself thinking about habitats in sculptural form.

I didn't get far with the sculpture approach to habitats, but armed with a sense of humor, my experience led me to the sculpture I'm doing today, and it's become a vehicle through which I can communicate with others.

Where architecture had constricted my penchant for free thought, I found joy and humor as the artist in me made me move outside the traditional notions of art-in-a-frame and sculpture-on-a-pedestal.

Humor allows us to transcend everyday events and gain a different perspective, and my sculptures give me a way to evoke that universal feeling of
happiness that resides in each of us.

It's my goal that my creations
leave you with a positive
memory, a feeling of
delight and a smile!

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